The Blue Aeroplanes - Anti-Gravity

“Right, okay, okay. Let’s have some order, eh? You all filled in your forms? Who’s next? Right, let’s a have a look. What’s this say, ‘Tracy Tracy’? That your real name, love? Fine, whatever. This the band? Strewth - late night, was it? Okay, through you go. Okay – next. Blue Aeroplanes? Never heard of you. Yeah, yeah, who hasn’t supported REM? You’ll be telling me you headlined The Mean Fiddler Stage at Reading once. Lose the shades, Mr. Langley. Thank you. Actually, put ‘em back on if you prefer. Right, so this is all of you, is it? Mmm. Do we need all those guitarists? Okay, fine, if that’s how it is. Dancer as well, eh? What is this – Hawkwind? Okay, let’s have a listen. Spoken vocals? Check. Chiming guitars? Check. Pretty female harmonies? Check. Alright, everything seems to be in order – through you go. Just watch that dancer, eh? Elbows everywhere. Nearly had my eye out. Okay, time for just three more this morning. Swervedriver first and then, let me see, The House of Love and The Heart Thro – oh, hello…Hello. Okay, ladies, err, do you want to just come forward to the front here? No that’s fine, ignore him. Right, Rose, is it? Rose and Rachel? Okay, mmm. Years have been kind, ladies, years have been kind. Okay, just need to take down some particulars, if you get my meaning…” (You're fired - Ed)



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