Wakey!Wakey! - Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You

Citing the use of a Rhodes, a Clavinova, and, above all else, a Moog, Wakey!Wakey!’s front-man Mike Grubbs appears to have all the piano patter of Rufus Wainwright synthed-up by Owl City which, thankfully, is where the latter's particular similarity ends. There’s certainly no vomit-inducing lyrics about unicorns shitting golden-syrup pancakes on this record. What you have instead with Almost Everything... is a debut LP so unafraid to play with the theatricality of music, that listening to it is like injecting neat orchestra nectar right into the jugular. And man, does it feels good. Each track manages to deliver its own sweet or savoury concoction of the formula laid down by the title-track, sending an almighty hit of jazzed-up indie rock with such a thwack, that in some places it actually feels like someone’s just clanged a pair of cymbals on your head.



out of 10

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