Singles of the Week

It's not been a great weekend all told so let's see if the wonderful world of popular music can lift our spirits. C'mon pop 'n roll, raise our mojos!

Azari & III
Equipped with more remixes than you can shake a stick at, it's likely you'll find one version of Canadian electronic quartet Azari & III's 'Manic' to like. Whichever version you choose though, you'll find a track that's slick and filled to the brim with a fine selection of dub and house beats which should see fans of minimal house feeling right at home.

Cut Copy
Not sure who ordered the Heaven 17 revival, but here we are. I like the little riff at the end that reminds me of Men At Work. Fleshed out by remixes from Toro Y Moi, Das Moth & Kenji Takimi and Chicken Lips.

Oh dear. Why the band decided to release the worst song from their terrible mini-album is a complete mystery. The radio edit cuts the original 8½ minute time in half but doesn’t improve its tediousness one iota. If that wasn’t bad enough there are five ridiculously irritating remixes to contend with as well. Awful.

Magnetic Man
Magnetic Man's sound is inexplicably well received among critics and fans alike. 'Anthemic' featured on the trio's debut album, but has been re-recorded here with vocals by 'grime' artist P. Money. To this listener it's uninspired, basic, rough dubstep combined with shouty dull vocals.

Maverick Sabre
Plowing a similar field as Plan B did on his second album, Maverick Sabre adds a bit more hip hop into his take on soul to largely successful results. His vocals take a while to get used to but it's the great use of brass that will drag you in on first listen and soon enough, you'll find yourself warming to Sabre's distinct vocal stylings.

Single of the Week

Ane Brun
Ane Brun will soon to be heard on Peter Gabriel’s new album and will surely gain a heap of new fans as a result. Here she unveils the first single from her own latest album with its wonderful triple drummer backing providing a perfect accompaniment to Brun’s classic folk stylings. A sheer delight from start to finish.

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