Various - Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (OST)

Essentially the new Paramore single with 11 B-sides, here's a collection that could well be more fun than the movie it promotes. If Michael Bay's complex and intimate character study has had a hard time with the critics ("Like much of its creator's ouevre, its reliance on Bergman-esque mores is essentially its un-doing" - North Staffordshire Evening Sentinel), let us more reasoned folk try to redress the balance. Amidst the various forms of metal on offer (Linkin Park start at 'QUITE' and we go all the way up to Black Veil Brides, who score a 'REASONABLY' - no-one quite gets up to the sacred 'VERY'), a few diamonds shine. My Chemical Romance kinda continue to intrigue and 'The Only Hope For Me Is You' demonstrates their canny way with an electro-rock anthem, and 'Get Through This' by Art of Dying is a likeable slab of grunge pop. But it's Hayley Williams' newly slimmed down outfit who take the honours, with their first recording since the Farro brothers spat their dummies. The three piece deliver the surging 'Monster', a chunk of pop metal whose irresistible hook gives ample indication that Paramore's best is yet to come. Those of us who spied the increasing maturity of Williams' songwriting on previous album Brand New Eyes can take further encouragement here. Whereas the suits who compiled a collection that soundtracks a movie about earth-threatening robots are no doubt thriled with a chorus that goes "I stopped the whole world from turning into a monster", listen to the rest of the song and ask yourself: who's the monster ?



out of 10

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