Washed Out - Within And Without

When taken on its own, Ernest Greene's latest is a solid chillout album with the customary reverb-heavy and laid-back dream-state vocals. It opens promisingly enough: 'Eyes Be Closed' is a decent track that draws the listener in, but by the time we get to track two, 'Echoes', it's easy to forget you're listening to music at all. You see, the real problem that quickly becomes obvious is that Within And Without is so anaemic that it becomes forgettable even as you listen. It certainly has all of the right elements to make up a quality album, but when they're thrown in at random we end up with nine hook-free tracks that fail to offer any passion nor any interest. Pick any one from the line-up and even the most ardent fan would find it hard to tell you what you're actually listening to due to the complete lack of adventure, excitement or originality. Washed Out's album won't so much as chill you out, it'll just send you off to sleep and that can't be a positive thing.



out of 10

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