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Ahh the glories of a typically erratic British summer! What better way to warm the bones than by partaking of this week's bunch of singles?

It's hard to believe this is the work of a 15-year old, but Jasmine (Birdy) Van den Bogarde has remarkable control over her vocal range and it's to both her and her producer's credit that 'Shelter' reigns in the backing track to a simple but beautiful piano arrangement. Stunningly delicate vocals show a real restraint that works to the benefit of the track.

Chase And Status
The latest in a seemingly never-ending procession of singles from Chase And Status' latest album No More Idols, 'Hitz' features the vocal talents of Tinie Tempah and he certainly fares a lot better than Tempa T did on 'Hypest Hype'. He helped by the usual high standard of club beats from the production duo, although at times the vocals seem to only exist to fit in as many profanities as possible in three minutes. Rebels.

Anyone who believes that all Glasvegas are about is moody, atmospheric wall of sounds will find themselves surprised by 'Shine Like Stars'. An excellent guitar riff that cuts through each verse and a massive chorus, sung with the same passion as ever by James Allan, results in the band's most conventional effort to date and, in this case, that's by no means a bad thing.

Judas Priest

















Kaz Simmons
Singer-songwriters seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment, so it is increasingly difficult for any to get noticed. If you can put together a few chords on a guitar and have a half-decent voice it appears to be the done thing to put together an album and release it independently. Kaz Simmons Dandelions is just the latest attempt to offer something a little different; and to her credit the singer manages to impress. Delicate and subtle, her voice has a more interesting edge that gives the disc a deliciously quirky edge and the autobiographical nature of the tracks here give the music a real heart. It's a jazz-pop-folk combination providing ample variety and by running to only eight tracks, Dandelions is of a length that means it never outstays its welcome; in a genre that often gets forgotten as dinner party backing music Simmons succeeds in creating a talking point.

Not just another singer-songwriter...

Spank Rock
Lead single from his follow-up to 2006's Yoyoyoyoyo, 'Energy' seems to suggest that Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar will find Spank Rock in a more controlled mood. Propelled by a distinctive drumbeat, the track combines fuzzy beats with a catchy chorus, replete with an "E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I OH", that could see Spank Rock launch an assault on the charts as well as the clubs.

Retro boardwalk pop (waltztime, plenty of reverb, time signature change half way through) that should be my bread and butter but I remain curiously unmoved, like a bored Sheik when presented with a Labrador when he was expecting a lion.

Tennis - "Take Me Somewhere" from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

While the track itself is a little mundane, remixes from Maya Jane Coles and Doorly bring a little Ibiza chill and momentum respectively. A final, more percussive mix from FiFi Wrong rounds out the whole package.

Warm Brains
Having decided to branch out from his success as a DIY producer of some repute, Rory Atwell unleashes ‘Let Down’, the latest taster of his upcoming debut album and it is a little gem. Its alt.rock and messy indie stylings fuse together to make a sound that the likes of Pavement would be proud to put their name to. The name may bring to mind a schlock horror movie but Warm Brains is a name to watch for sure.

Let Down Single by Warm Brains

We Are The Ocean
There are a few good examples of the rather strangely labelled post-hardcore genre along with some utterly abysmal offerings. Essex boys We Are The Ocean fall somewhere in the middle as this, the third single from their second album, shows. It rolls along nicely enough and has some decent harmonies but, in the end, it is just a bit dull.

Judas Priest
Golf or Judas Priest?

Single of the Week

Lindi Ortega
Currently providing back up vocals for the increasingly insipid Brandon Flowers, Canadian singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega’s debut single is a short, and very sweet piece of rock ‘n’ roll goodness that puts the efforts of her current employer to shame. A rumbling, slap-bass heavy beat provide the perfect backing to Ortega’s classical country/rock voice and makes you long for the release of her upcoming debut album. Cracking stuff.

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