Basement Jaxx - Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest

In what feels like quite an unlikely turn of events, Basement Jaxx have collaborated with the Metropole Orkest (who have a strong history of pop collaborations, including recent dalliances with Tori Amos and Antony And The Johnsons) and transformed their back catalogue into something more sedate. Subtlety wasn’t always Basement Jaxx’s strong suit, yet their floor filling dance music finds itself transformed absolutely into classical music, bringing with it the kind of nuance that it could be argued Jaxx isn’t normally associated with. For anyone expecting thumping beats, prepare to be disappointed. Much of this is instrumental and where vocals are present, they’re provided by a comparatively subdued Lisa Kekaula (for example on 'Good Luck') and, in one instance, by a choir during an extraordinary take on 'Where’s Your Head At' which arrives complete with harpsichord. Yes, harpsichord. Quite who this is going to appeal to is another question though – do classical music enthusiasts secretly yearn for a bit of dance? Who knows. It’s a fascinating piece, but ultimately feels unlikely to appeal to either camp, which is unfortunate as it's a strangely rewarding listen.



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