Hanson - Shout It Out

So, Hanson got horny. The trio of brothers who added 'Mmmbop' to tween vocabulary about the same time 'Zig-a-zig-ah' was doing the rounds in the 90s are now all growed up and procreating, with eight babs between them. But while they may have been getting horned up, the adjective can be applied in a more literal sense, with horns cropping up all over the band's new record and first album in three years (all that baby-making) which, whisper it, is called Shout it Out. This collection of twelve songs witnesses the boys throw in some old-school Motown, Stax and soul influences into what remains an unashamedly pop-flavoured brew. Lead single 'Shout It Out' gives a good idea of what you can expect, its catchy chorus hardly a massive lyrical progression from 'Mmmbop' but the song's celebratory sound retaining the smile-inducing innocence of their early years at the same time as representing a progression in the production. The boys are all listed in the liner notes as tackling various instruments so only churlish time-wasters could ever question their talent, but that doesn't stop the songs being derivative and, at times, as cheesy as the Glee cast covering songs by The Feeling. Still, if you think Paolo Nutini's Sunny Side Up needed a little pop polish, you'll find lots to love in this bouncy summer soundtrack, while piano (and horn, of course!) ballad 'Use Me Up' provides a rare moment of nicely judged, soundtrack-ready angst.



out of 10

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