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Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou formed The Wolfmen in 2005. Marco (guitars) enjoyed extraordinary success with Adam & The Ants and later worked with Siouxsie & The Banshees and Sinéad O’Connor. Chris (bass & lead vocals) previously led Jackieonassid and worked with Adam Ant and Annabella Lwin. The Wolfmen’s line up also includes Zelig Preston Heyman (Massive Attack, Kate Bush) on percussion. Their second album, Married to the Eiffel Tower will be in the shops on 8 August via Howl Records.

Prolific 2010 sessions with The Dandy Warhols’ Courtney Taylor-Taylor form the nucleus of the album, alongside their 2010 duet with Sinéad O’Connor, 'Jackie, is it my Birthday?' A gig at the 100 Club in London July 14th serves as a launch gig. Frontman Chris gave us an exclusive insight into the tracklisting and the process of pulling it all together in advance of both.


Cat Green Eyes

: This track started off as an idea I had called 'Da Da Ice Maiden' which I found on one of my drives. I knew it had something and really wanted us to do it on the Eiffel album so I think we worked it up with Steve Musters a bit in the studio before Marco came in to make it sound presentable! I kinda knew he would hate it ... and he did! (Laughs) It was the same with 'Cecilie' on the first album but when Marco told me he hated 'Antmusic' and thought his career would be over if they released it I realised that when Marco says he hates something you gotta at least give it a go! Marco eventually compromised as so many people loved it and sometimes you need to just do the songs and let others decide what is OK and what isn't. Then we sent the files to Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Jacob Portrait for mixing and they did a grand job. Steve Musters also did a mix of this track which is not on the album but I think is available on i-Tunes. Courtney also did a mix with Jeremy Sherrer which is on Soundcloud.

Mr Sunday: This was a track written a long time ago when I was in Jackieonassid. Two previous versions of it were recorded on 4 track; one is on an EP called '4 PLAY' which must be available somewhere on line and another version which is up on Youtube.

None of these versions were that good really so I presented this one for re-working on the Eiffel sessions and it worked out really well. Steve Musters, Marco and the band did an amazing job on this one. Would love to do a video for a Wolfmen version and if any video makers want to so a video please feel welcome to do something and send over! I would still like to record the acoustic version when time allows which was how it started off. The lyrics kind of speak for themselves I think.

Jackie, Is It My Birthday? (feat. Sinéad O'Connor): This one again was written years ago and was called 'Posing As An Angel' which was on the Jackieonassid album Zip Me Up. The first time I played this song to anyone in full I knew it had something. I got goosebumps and she got very emotional. I played it on an acoustic to her in the hallway of her council flat in Holloway. She was a great singer called Gena Dry who sadly threw herself in front of a train last year. Check out her songs, she was really good. Daniel and Russell (who's playing bass at the 100 Club) both played with her in a great band called The Colour Noise.

Steve, Marco and the band really brought this one to life and then I had this idea that Sinead (who we had been writing and recording with for her new album which is out soon by the way) would be amazing on this. I was gobsmacked when she texted me saying she loved it and agreed to sing on it. Then Courtney Taylor- Taylor and Jacob transformed it into something so special on post-production and the mix ... it was a genius stroke by them! More detailed notes on the coming about of this song are in the notes on the album sleeve. All smokescreens no doubt for the truth?!

I'm Not a Young Man Anymore: Hmmm... I think I better ask Marco about this one but it's a Lou Reed track that we did. It hasn't been released by Lou so we recorded it and sent it to him and he gave it the thumbs up, said he loved it. Great song to play live. Again Courtney and Jacob did a mix which is on the album and Steve also did a mix which is hopefully out and about too.

Wam Bam JFK (Marilyn Monroe): The title came from watching a doc on JFK and Marilyn in which someone was saying that he didn't bother with foreplay and it was over in a few seconds sort of thing. Think we wrote this one in the studio. Steve's mix is on the album. Various other mixes are on Youtube.

July 20

: This is Courtney's and my birth date and also the day my Mother died so it's a kind of strange song. Again Courtney and Jacob did a mix as well as Steve. I think many many more mixes exist on i-Tunes and I even did a little flute version!

Damn It, Can't You Just Be Straight : We came up with this in the studio as well I think. Courtney's version is very different to Steve's version.

The Cowboys Dream: I can't remember much about this one! Again, both Steve and Courtney's versions are really different.

Coca Cola Kid: This song was started way back in the Jackieonassid period and we (The Wolfmen) sort of got something pretty good with this track but I still think a better version lies ahead. I guess the lyrics of this track were inspired by my days at Plymouth College School and maybe my first summer holiday in Cyprus between the wars.

Blushing God Well, this is a bit of an odd one. If you listen to the intro on the Steve Musters mix you will hear the anonymous nutter who stalked me for over seven years. This sample on the intro is one of her messages on my answer-phone. Crazy shit. I wonder what happened to this person? Did she die and that's why all the stuff stopped? Did they get locked up? Anyway, Steve and Courtney's mixes of this track are very, very different but both good. Some people love this song, a few hate it. No more said!


To buy tickets for the album launch show, click here. £10 not only gets you admission to the party with The Wolfmen, Silvery, and special guest Kate Jackson, but you will also receive Wolfmen singles "Cecilie" on compact disc and "Wak This Bass" on vinyl. The first 100 retail copies - artwork by Mark Alleyne- will be available at 100 Club - all numbered and signed.

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