Hyperborean - The Spirit Of Warfare

As the proud owner of all three original Hyperborean demos, I was stunned when news filtered through that, some six years after the last of these, the band were re-emerging with debut offering The Spirit Of Warfare. Picking up where they left off, the three core figures now left proceed to charge through some particularly vitriolic yet surprisingly melodic black metal. The fascination with Cradle Of Filth has diminished somewhat since the early recordings, but is still noticeable and whilst not as sensationalist as the British headline makers, they are also significantly less compromising. Elements of prog and doom creep in as the songs shift and evolve beyond the usual manic thrashing and buzzing synonymous with the genre, but the guitars still have that evisceral chainsaw buzz as Magnus Persson sounds like he’s gargling razor blades; the waves of hatred and anger radiating from the very dark heart at the centre of The Spirit Of Warfare make it a delight to behold for lovers of more insidious music.



out of 10

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