PIKACYU*MAKOTO - OM Sweet Home : We Are Shining Stars From Darkside

When two members of the oddball Japanese collective Acid Mothers Temple go off and do their own thing, you can expect it to be unusual to say the least; and with OM Sweet Home:We Are Shining Stars From Darkside, the drum and guitar duo PIKACYU*MAKOTO do not disappoint as they bounce through an hour of deliciously deranged psychedelic madness. Whilst this offering is not quite as frenetic as the mothership’s output, the more relaxed approach does not bring with it any inclination of sensibility, thankfully. ‘Birth Star’ sets the tone as the ten minute weaving of playful hooks and Animal-esque drumming, complete with inhuman yelps from behind the kit courtesy of Pikacyu, begins the mind-bending journey in style. Here is very much the sound of two friends recording anything and everything and on some of the shorted ditties it feels a touch rough and incomplete, but when they hit the grooves in ‘The Ginger Chai’ and ‘Back To Your House Over The Rainbow’, none can match them as your brain warps into previously unexplored dimensions.



out of 10

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