Brother no more

We'll let you read this for yourself:

BROTHER have changed their name to VIVA BROTHER after a legal challenge by another band named “Brother.” The U.K. band Brother came to the attention of the other band - an Australian 'powerhouse celtic tribal trio' based in the USA that combine 'the deep pulse of the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of the bagpipes, and tribal percussion.'

In the spirit of The Chemical Brothers and Santigold before them, the band decided that life would be simpler if they changed their name for the world rather than just the USA, and avoided a battle in the US courts - Viva Brother were born. They were briefly called 'Brother UK' in the USA, like the Charlatans UK before them, but the geographical addition to the word Brother was not accepted in this new digital age.

Note to new bands: it's always good practice to come up with a decent name in the first place.

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