The Lancashire Hotpots - Achtung Gravy

Five albums into the Lancashire Hotpots career, and the joke is wearing somewhat thin. Where their first album, Never Mind The Hotpots was a winning, wry look at (Lancashire) life, the only real nods to the North now are the accent, the odd “reet” and a song about local newsreader Lucy Meacock. There’s a couple of laughs here – 'Hip Meddow' pokes fun at newspaper sellers and other bellowers of incomprehensible nonsense, while 'Duvet Day' espouses the benefits of throwing a sickie after a heavy night. The protagonist of 'Three Rings' raises a smile of recognition: “When you’re back safe before you’re in bed / Give us three rings so I know you’re not dead”; but 'Has Anyone Seen My Dongle' and 'Cottaging' are both the same utterly predictable joke: a simple double-entendre stretched thin over three minutes. It’s a shame – there’s something eminently likeable about the Hotpots, especially for this Wiganer in exile, but it’s just not funny enough. The cover art, however, is a work of genius.



out of 10

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