Long View - Coming Down/When you sleep

Long *dash* View are a slightly bitter band when I saw them recently, this is due to them having to rename themselves with a hyphen in their name due to an American country setup called (you guessed it) “Longview” claiming that the name is theirs legally. Unfortunately, our Longview lost, and thus now has to have a symbol adorned moniker.

This single release consists of a track from the last album Mercury in the shape of When you sleep and a totally new track which has gone down quite a treat during their recent tour of university unions nationwide.
Sounding a little like The Cure crossed with Interpol the first track on the single Coming Down features some excellent guitar loops and a noticeable drum beat lingering in the background.
The second track on this double a-side When you sleep is a remixed version of the slightly slower version featured on the last album, and was done specifically for the US market. The only changes being a more obvious use of guitar-work on certain areas and a more up-tempo feel generally.

As an added note for vinylphiles out there (like myself) this single is to be primarily released on two 7” records, with a supplementary CD release.

The track listing for said vinyl is thus:

7” #1 –
1. Coming Down [Atlantic Conveyor Mix]
2. When You Sleep [US Full Length Radio Mix

7” #2 –
1. Coming Down
2. Coming Down [Zip It Up Mix]
3. Gently Sleeping

Both vinyl’s are packaged in gatefold sleeves and come in White and Clear vinyl respectively.



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