Having impressed us with their Sniff It Up EP back in April, Scoundrels' full length debut couldn't have come soon enough for us at TMF towers; while the replication of all five EP tracks might disappoint fans expecting a completely original work, the majority of the "new" tracks help craft a remarkably assured, if not entirely flawless, effort that should impress for its diversity alone. The likes of 'Just Can't See It Through' and 'Hangman's Lament' had already shown us that they were adept at swaggering, frantic rock with a Southern tinge, but variety is the key word for Scoundrels. 'Little Red Riding Hood' ends with a fantastic instrumental breakdown that makes you forget the track is over five minutes long; while the gleefully cheeky 'Porno' ("Cos you love the cheap movies / Love the fake boobies / Love the way they make you feel") shows that they aren't a band to take themselves too seriously - a point originally raised by the appropriately cocky 'Arrogance Blues' - and these examples don't even touch upon the left-field choice of low-key album closer 'Gulf Of Mexico' as their recent single. It doesn't all work - 'All On My Own' lacks a spark to prevent it from dragging and 'Loud And Proud' is just a touch bland - but it's an accomplished start and one that's more than worthy of your attention.



out of 10

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