Heights - Dead Ends

It is refreshing to hear a new band actually trying to create fresh music that isn’t just some second rate homage to whichever heroes they are worshipping this month. With their debut Dead Ends, Hertfordshire five piece Heights have unleashed an uncompromising hardcore record that seamlessly melds influences ranging from D.R.I. to Isis without ever actually imitating anyone. The overarching theme of loneliness is a constant throughout and the more atmospheric elements to the music go a long way to enhancing this feeling of isolation, conjuring as they do images of vast empty landscapes devoid of life or hope. And a youthful anger comes across genuine; a strong current of hatred and despise for the old world and its distrust of the young. Dead Ends is an anthemic work that also includes those big sing-along choruses seemingly needed to breach the greater consciousness – something Heights should do rather noisily.



out of 10

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