The Others - Lackey

If it was possible to turn Britain upside down and shake out all the bands that mastered the post punk sound, The Others would land with a momentous thud. Even in their new single Lackey without lead singer Dominic Masters’ pronounced vocals, the band drive an amphetamine pace with intelligent riffs and slamming drum beats to create something to run the race with fellow rockers Bloc Party or The Rakes, but maybe not as grown up.

Dominic Masters keeps his integrity in the lyrics by appealing to the outsiders of the world, and in this instance, the outsiders are those who don’t want to work the typical nine to five. The conviction in the lyrics are convincing and therefore inspiring as he sings I don’t want to be in a Lackey in a job that doesn’t pay.

It’s a song to keep the idle in bed after the alarm goes off in the morning.



out of 10

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