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The magic that happens when pretty girls sing and play guitar is one that I subscribe to, and it seems the UK public is in agreement following the recent placing of The Pierces' new album You & I at Number 4 in the album chart. TMF were recently granted the opportunity to pass on questions to the sisters, and Cat Pierce (below left) kindly took the time to answer them. Here's what she had to say...


We’re loving your album You & I here at The Music Fix and would like to congratulate you on it reaching Number 4 in the UK album chart. How do you feel about this exciting news?

We feel great about it! How could we not?

The songs on the album seem deeply personal, with many relating to past love affairs. Being sisters, how does your process work? Do you write things separately and then come together?

We usually write separately because the subject matters are very personal and we sometimes end up in a fight if we write together. Although there are a few songs we have collaborated on... if one of us is stuck and can't come up with a part then the other will finish it.

Guy Berryman of Coldplay produced the new record and Albert Hammond Jr. from The Strokes also appears on 'Love You More'. What do you think the involvement of musicians from two of the world's biggest rock bands has brought to the record?

It's actually a rumor that Albert played on the record... not sure who started that one! (Oops! It's one we fell for - Ed.) It's true that Guy produced it and Will, Coldplay's drummer, played on some of the songs too. It felt incredible to have them involved and to work with such talented people.

What songs on You & I are you most proud of?

We are proud of them all! But 'You'll Be Mine' is very special to me.

Many reviews note the 'timeless' quality of your music and make comparisons to classic rock bands like Fleetwood Mac and Mamas & the Papas. What modern music do you enjoy? Lady Gaga fans?

Lady Gaga is great. Some people hate her for some reason. I don't see how you can't, at the very least, be impressed by her. She's so creative and ballsy. We love Lykke Li, Alice Gold, Fleet Foxes, Rufus Wainwright, The Strokes. We just love good music, new and old.

Your previous records are distinctively different from the new one. Why the change of direction?

We were being very experimental on our last record... kind of discovering ourselves for the first time so it ended up being really eclectic and fun. We wanted this new album to be more of a complete thought.

How has the UK tour been going? Any crazy experiences so far?

Touring is crazy in general! You are all over the place, strange people, weird hotels, late night drives... But it's great too! We love it.

'Glorious' sounds like it was made for dancing around to in a field with flowers in our hair. Will you be playing summer festivals, and will you be returning to the UK for further tour dates?

Yes. Tons of Festivals! Glastonbury is up next. Check our website for all the others:

Does being on the road ever result in sisterly disagreements? Any arguments over clothes and such?

Ummmm...yes. But we work it out. We love each other and share the same goal.

Finally, if you could 'pierce' one crazy rumour you've heard about you over the years, what would it be?

Why? What have you heard? Haha. No... If I brought them up it would only add fuel to the fire! That's all I'll say :)

Check out an acoustic version of the girls' new single 'It Will Not Be Forgotten' below. The album 'You & I' is available now online and in all good record stores.

Last updated: 07/06/2018 13:56:54

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