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The influence of The Clash runs deep and the resonance of a reggae infused punk sound is the sound of an era, and when it is such a credible moment in musical history, taking a leaf from that book could not be wrong.

Except in the case of the Ludes, where it sounds a little bit like pop.

Radio is an upbeat ska beated punk rock track ala The Clash when London was calling… With a big guitar solo and a catchy chorus, Radio is bound for some serious commercial airplay. And when lead singer, David Ashby sings that he heard the devil’s music on the radio it is bound for the kind of commercial airplay that has an audience that would be concerned by the thought of listening to the devil’s music rather than those who would want to know what station it’s on.

However, the Ludes do have strong punk sensibilities in the pace the music keeps and in the lifestyles they lead, and have mastered their sound through the precision in their instrumentation, they have the potential to become a well known band.



out of 10

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