Status Quo - Quid Pro Quo

The Music Fix office is divided in two: those old enough to remember the utter disdain that Status Quo were held in during the mid-80s, and those who weren't even born at the time. In between calls from irate PRs and disgruntled band managers, sometimes we'll charm the young 'uns with tales like the one where we were in a pub and our mate was asked 'outside' by a member of the Quo Army for daring to suggest that anyone who could write something like 'Margeurita Time' might actually be a little bit shit. Time inevitably passes however, and The Quo, while not exactly finding themselves being mentioned in dispatches by a new breed of denim clad rockers, rolled back the years at a well-received Glastonbury performance and are rightly held up as purveyors of a singularly classic rock sound that's as distinctive as anything by AC/DC or The Ramones. Quid Pro Quo is their 700th album (and a Tesco exclusive to boot) and is, frankly, pretty rocking. Messrs. Rossi and Parfitt deliver a heads down, no nonsense collection of typical Quo three-chord boogie and the highlights are many: 'Movin' On', 'Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You', 'Frozen Hero', with only a re-vamped version of 'In The Army Now' intruding on the good times. This is an album that will probably have next to no currency outside their fanbase, but it's hard to think long-time Quo fans will be anything other than delighted that the guys can still produce the goods. The teenage me is quite horrified - and can just fuck off.



out of 10

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