Avenge Vulture Attack - Renew

The London music scene is tailor-made for bands like Avenge Vulture Attack, who over the course of these four tracks on their third EP Renew demonstrate the melting pot of influences that the capital has become, whilst beginning to forge an identity of their own. Comparisons will come with Patti Smith and early Blondie, a combination of punky, catchy tunes and a front woman you could hardly describe as a shrinking violet, and it is Ella Grace’s melodious voice and barbed lyrics that stand out from Renew; the aggressive vitriol sounding genuine and just a little scary, yet carrying memorable tunes far more so that in usually associated with punk. To call the band prog punk may be going a touch too far, but all four tracks, despite averaging just three and half minutes apiece, switch and flow through multiple moods and paces seamlessly. The decidedly flat production does hurt the finished product slightly, but will not dull the shine for what is a very promising band.



out of 10

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