Autopsy - Macabre Eternal

Following on from last year’s rather excellent reunion EP, Autopsy have delivered the very messy goods on Macabre Eternal, their first full length in sixteen years. A quick scan down the song titles should give you a fair idea about what to expect – ‘Dirty Gore Whore’, ‘Bridge Of Bones’ and ‘Sadistic Gratification’ read like a scene list from a particularly gruesome 80s video nasty. As pioneers of the genre, Autopsy know a thing or two about old school death metal and right from the opening salvo of ‘Hand Of Darkness’ all the way through to the last guttural curse of ‘Spill My Blood’, the band put on a masterclass of devastating riffing and blistering blast beats, now made all the more punishing for the crisp, beefed up production that modern technology affords. You can hear the bones snapping in the drumming as the chainsaws of the guitars tears flesh asunder in gleeful delight; this is a very welcome dose of fresh blood to the old cadaver, back to terrorise a new generation of fans hell-bent on the goriest of deaths.



out of 10

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