The Research / The Girls - Buffalo Bar

The Girls are confusing in that they are not girls at all, but boys from Bath. However, as with all these things, it's not quite as simple as it looks. Lead singer and guitar man, Steve Evans, looks great in semi-drag but wouldn't be at all, er, convincing, if you get the drift. No matter, he's as camp as a row of tents and plays a mean guitar to boot. What more could you want? Well, songs for a start, and have no fear, The Girls are experts in the craft of songwriting. It's all very basic, but very rock 'n' roll and they know the difference between a rock cliché and a rock cliché carried out with style and wit. Songs are built around massive pop power chords and embellished with barbed, witty lyrics that'll have you laughing out loud as you bob your head and resolve to see these at least once more before you die. They've even got a Xmas song, 'Daddy Xmas' which is as depraved as it sounds. The Girls are great trashy rock 'n' roll fun; a glam rock version of The Fall if you can imagine such a thing. It shouldn’t work yet it does, brilliantly. See more here and download things.

The Research couldn’t be more different. A lead singer, Russell, armed only with a poor casio style keyboard and backed up by bass and drums. It could all lead to something terrible, of course, but, luckily, there's some sort of magic about them that means they come across as far more than a sum of the parts. Mostly, it's the massive bass lines that punctuate the songs but there's also the gorgeous harmonies, the intelligent 'heart on the sleeve' lyrics and a sense of vulnerability about the whole thing. They're obviously playing what they love and you can't help but admire the whole thing. The keyboards add a manic top coating to the heavy rhythm section and lend a sense of unpredictability about the whole thing. They round off the evening with a cover of The Beach Boys Do you Wanna Dance' and, lo and behold, everybody dances. Wonderful stuff.

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