Katie Melua - Call Off The Search (Special Bonus Edition)

It's an interesting one, while normally morally opposed to cash-in reissues, it's hard to be as cynical about it when the bonus disc is as thorough as the DVD bundled here, which would easily have been worth the asking price on it's own, ecompassing as it does three promo videos, and behind the scenes footage, along with a substantial chunk of live performance. Her live band is packed with veterans, such as Jim Cregan (who has toured with Family and Rod Stewart), Henry Spinetti who has played with large numbers of live acts over the years and they help carry her live set along admirably.

The CD is exactly as it was when originally issued, in fact, it's the same disc, artwork and all. Her cover of John Mayall's "Crawling Up A Hill" is excellent, although attempting to cover "Lilac Wine" was a mistake considering how well Jeff Buckley pulled it off.

For once, I'd recommend this both to people who enjoyed the original album and to people who considered it but didn't buy it. This is music that doesn't ask anything of the listener. It is not earth shattering. Her svengali is the guy who wrote "Remember You're A Womble" (sadly not covered here). As an album, it aims for the Norah Jones market, but is more likely to find it's home with fans of Bridget Jones. That's not to say it's bad - it's not challenging, but it's pleasant enough for a cold winter night.



out of 10

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