Mooz - My Property

There's good news and bad news here. The good news is that Mooz are one of the best bands you'll ever hear. The bad news, though, is that according to the sleeve notes, they've already split up. Please God it's not true, because if so, it would constitute some sort of serious crime against the universe. Mooz are, by turn, evil, enchanting, funny and totally beguiling. To listen to this album is to love it. It's a grooving, organic beast that'll dig it's claws into you like a kitten. Jess, on vocals, teases, yelps, and has a voice like melted chocolate laced with acid. This album highlights the cuddly, spiky fusion of a band struggling to contain a thousand different ideas and direction but always exercising complete control. From the chug-a-long perfection of 'My Property' to the frighteningly weird 'GirlWatcher', Mooz manage to touch every musical base and linger just long enough to leave their mark before venturing off into some new direction. Things like this remind you just why you got into music in the first place. It's post-rock without the pretension; jazz rock without the jazz, if you will and if that makes sense to you then you are urged to seek this out at once. That's an order and hopefully, we can encourage them to stay with us for a while longer.

Available to buy from Blood Red Sounds whose website you will find here



out of 10

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