Miles Kane - Colour of the Trap

Take three shots vintage Tom Jones, two shots Bobby Darin (while he was still with Sandra Dee) add a squeeze of John Barry and shake it up tight. Pour it over ice and what you have is one excellent album. Colour Of The Trap, debut album from Miles Kane, doesn't really need any reviews, its accession to the charts is surely guaranteed. Even without his credentials (his old band The Rascals, teaming up with buddy Alex Turner for The Last Shadow Puppets) plus the media attention given to album teasers 'Inhaler' and 'Come Closer' and the near hysteria at his live shows, this review is superfluous. You're gonna buy it anyway, even if I were to say it was crap.

But it's not. It's good, damn good. The slick production makes the spitfire tunes stand out all the more brightly. Starting off with the stupendous 'Come Closer' the album purrs along like a finely-tuned sports car. Miles saunters through the album like Tony Curtis in The Persuaders, charming, cocksure and suave. After the snappy 'Rearrange' ("I want to make your smokin' kisses black and white") are the smooth 'My Fantasy' and 'Counting Down The Days', both about trying to win the fairer sex. You'd think a guy this cool would have no trouble with the ladies, but no; the songs are all about women and trying desperately to figure them out.

'Happenstance' adds a bit of Hazelwood/Sinatra sparkle to the mix with French actress Clemence Poesy adding her breathy vocals. The song oozes double entendre sex-appeal: "I want the curve of your neck...I want the keys to your chest." The show-stopper 'Inhaler' shows off what a fantastic guitarist Kane is, and both 'Kingcrawler' and the croon-tastic 'Take The Night from Me' would not sound out of place over cocktails at the Stork Club. The album ends with the lovely title track with poor Miles pouring his heart out: "If you would just get it together and read my mind then sleeping would be easy / Then I'll be there to acquiesce / I confess, I'm in trouble."

Miles Kane is well on the way to being a sure-fire star. He may have a little black book full of A-list celebrity friends (aforementioned Turner helping out on songwriting duties, beautiful French starlets, Noel Gallagher lending some backing vocals), but this guy could still pull it off on his own, cruising through town with the top down, safe in the knowledge that he is the coolest guy around.



out of 10

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