The Doomed Bird Of Providence - Will Ever Pray

The Doomed Bird Of Providence is the vehicle by which Mark Kluzek dramatises a series of long dusty tales from Australian history: Charles Anderson, tied to a rock and surviving on offal thrown to him by passers-by; Thomas Wainwright, poisoner; John Croaker, fraudster. If you're already thinking Nick Cave, you be in the right (Western) territory, the simple, funereal arrangements built round deliberately played piano, sawing strings and occasional guitar. There are hints of shanties to the melodies and while Kluzek doesn't have a bad voice, the decision to double-track it all the way through is wearing - and also robs some of the narrative from the storytelling. Sure to find an audience among those already disposed; others may find it a little repetitive in tone and sound.



out of 10

Last updated: 16/06/2018 05:01:43

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