The Leisure Society - Into The Murky Water

There is a sort of old-fashioned charm to Into The Murky Water, second album from The Leisure Society. There is a bucolic beauty to the eccentric melodies and arrangements so the title track takes you by surprise, it's rather jazzy intro and a xylophone makes you feel like you've just walked into the Copacabana club. Then the trappings disappear (along with the bejeweled ladies in their chiffon gowns being spun around by gents in tuxes), and you have 'Dust On The Dancefloor' taking us back to the present and TLS's folky roots. The tune's lively poppy air is fun and Hemming's lovely voice holds the exuberant melody in check like a stern headmaster.

After the pretty ballad 'Our Hearts Burn Like Damp Matches' the heady delights of the opening track are revisited with 'You Could Keep Me Talking', with its quaint, south of the border influence. Songs like the waltzing 'Although We Are All Lost' and 'The Hungry Years', with Hemming's friendly vocals swimming amongst the flutes and violins, sit beside upbeat numbers like 'The Phantom Life', which flits from a slow clarinet intro into a lively electric guitar pop song and then back again: "If we only knew the answers / We could print them onto t-shirts / We could sing for revolution." The dreamy 'Just Like The Knife' rounds things off nicely.

The album's playful nature and lightheartedness is utterly endearing and infectious. This is the perfect soundtrack to those long summer days you never want to end.



out of 10

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