Trumpets of Death - Teeth + Teeth = Teeths

You wait over twenty years for that elusive fusion of folk and experimental jazz and, just like buses, two come along in quick succession. Well, in truth, about a year - but that is pretty speedy in an under-represented genre. Last year’s offering from David Karsten-Daniels and Fight The Big Bull was an absolute joy and now we have the equally exciting debut from Leeds combo Trumpets of Death.

As the rumbling doom of intro to opener ‘The Press Gang’ gives way to Benjamin Wetherill’s distinctively trembling voice, you get the feeling that he is revisiting the baroque brilliance of his 2008 solo outing Laura. That feeling soon disappears as the dissonant tones of the multi layered instruments kick in and it becomes clear that this is going to be a challenging listen - and that is a challenge that could so easily be lost. Repeated listens, however, provide increasingly rich rewads as the sheer brilliance of the five songs on show are gradually discovered. You may warm to Wetherill's startling vocalisations, the discordant but strangely alluring horns, the whirling finale to 'The Paper Plough' or even the emotional shock and loss of conciousness that Laura Wetherill provides but, whatever you find, you can’t help but repeat the process of discovery once the final beats of closer ‘Cruel Ships Captain’ have faded away.

Make no mistake this is not an album for the feint of heart but, as with the Karsten-Daniels album, those brave enough to take the journey will find a deeply complex and thrilling album that will last long in the memory. Surely a nailed on certainty to be the experimental, free-form noise jazz folk album of the year!



out of 10

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