Boogie Monster - Zechimechi

The punk DIY spirit is still very much alive and kicking – violently – within Vancouver duo Boogie Monster if their debut LP Zechimechi is anything to go by. Musically taking their cues from the likes of Hawkwind, Lightning Bolt and Boris, this is a visceral half hour of full throttle, pedal to the metal hallucinogenic freaking out. Cut back to the bare bones of drums and a guitar, the pair set about trying to blow every speaker and eardrum from here to Timbuktu as the over-saturated wild jams max out the limiters. But despite this (over) emphasis on turning it up as high as it will go and then some, there are some great little tunes in here such as the ridiculously catchy lead single ‘Castle In The Clouds’ and the Bhangra-inflected ‘Lost In Bollywood’. Just approach with caution.



out of 10

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