Every Effort Made - Who Would Make Up Stories As Horrible As This

TMF-approved singer Laura Catlow returns in a new guise as part of five-piece Every Effort Made and even on the evidence of these demos, it seems a very sage career move. Smart wordplay mix with punky walls of sound on their highly impressive debut EP Who Would Make Up Stories As Horrible As This. It isn't completely polished but that raw demo edge is more than made up for by the band's energy which lends the tracks a live feel. 'Trapped And Comfortable' makes great use of the dual male/female vocals and adds frenetic guitars in as a bonus, while 'Coming Down With Something' is the strongest lyrically with a touch of self-deprecation that shows the band aren't willing to take themselves too seriously - "I can't find any way to make this up to you / Apart from writing this awful song". A cover of Lemuria's 'In A World Of Ghosts' is probably the only misstep; not because it isn't a solid version but more that it doesn't really add anything and another original track would have been much more preferable. Still, it's a minor complaint and everything else adds up to a thoroughly enjoyable EP that could be the start of something beautiful.



out of 10

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