Times New Viking - Dancer Equired

Dancer Equired, fifth album from Ohio lo-fi band Times New Viking, is like Marmite: you're either gonna love it or hate it. They sound like a group of 16 year-olds still learning their instruments and the singing is off-key and grating. Songs like 'It's A Culture' and 'No Room To Live' are an odd mix of Camper Van Beethoven and punk-spoofers The Dead Milkmen. 'Try Harder' starts off with everyone playing in a different key and then getting back on track but despite this bizarre beginning, it is one of the most accessible tracks on the album. There is no beauty in these songs, no musicianship, you can't even be sure they aren't taking the piss. For those brave enough to listen all the way through you may find a kind of endearing affection for a band that seems to be doing everything possible to put you off. A curious little artifact.



out of 10

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