Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any

Watching John Lydon joyfully at one with nature in recent TV shows is a sure-fire indicator that punk really is dead. If even the old diehards abandon their reckless spirit and anarchic ideals to marvel at insects and chimpanzees, then bands like Canada’s Simple Plan are surely the inevitable consequence of a lack of inspiration.

Marketed as punk-pop, but definitely more the latter than the former, Simple Plan may be more ballsy production-wise than the likes of Busted but are ultimately just as safe and formulaic. Lava will be pleased that there are plenty of potential radio hits here – the teen angst anthem “Welcome To My Life”, frenetic opener “Shut Up” and the limp “Everytime” – but that’s hardly the point.

It’s sad to think that Simple Plan can even be semi-labelled punk when corporate rock like “Me Against The World” and the laughably awful “Crazy” (sample lyric: “Things aren’t how they used to be/There’s no more normal families) is the best they can come up with. Anyone with Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne in their collection will no doubt be quick to buy “Still Not Getting Any”. But I suspect even the apes and monkeys Lydon is so fascinated with these days would have more sense than that.



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Last updated: 15/06/2018 17:54:32

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