Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels

Featuring members of Swedish post-hardcore legends Breach, Terra Tenebrosa take the progressive leanings that the former always had and create doom-laden, ferocious experimental metal. The whole album is swamped in a roaring ambience as though they recorded it in a burning house, as fiery riffs burst forth and debris falls from the sky. In fact The Tunnels ticks all the right post-metal boxes throughout its 47 minute length; dense distorted guitars, sporadic and almighty screaming, cacophonous attacks of noise and unrecognisable sounds that bludgeon you round the head till you’re left there begging for mercy. Songs like ‘The Arc Of Descent’ and the title track may be slightly more harrowing than your average metal band, but then this band aren’t here to give you an easy-ride. The closest comparison might be the last record from Neurosis off-shoot A Storm Of Light but even against that, this is a far darker and destructive beast.



out of 10

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