Vivian Girls - Share The Joy

Pffft. The most unintentionally (I'm guessing) ironic album title of the year has arrived. Run into the streets and tell your friends and neighbours! Yes! A new album from Vivian Girls! Their third! Well, colour me chin-stroking-post-modern-to-such-a-degree-I'm-meeting-myself-on-the-way-back bad! They're still going?! How the f***? We gave their last album the kicking its flimsy lo-fi pop deserved and we're sticking with the party line this time around. Weedy vocals, jangly guitars and a dearth of tunes do all they possibly can to remind you that those Shop Assistants 7"s you hoard will never get played and here's the reason why. This soggy template was never any cop in the first place. All the Spector-esque spoken word intros in the world, all those lazy comparisons with The Raveonettes (whose mastery of similar influences is from a different planet), do nothing to cover up just how horribly woeful this album is. And the worst thing? The glimmer of hope they offer on single 'Heard You Say', where a couple of half decent hooks pop their heads up, and the nagging suspicion that underneath all of the coy posturing lurks a band not quite as crap as they're keen to make out.



out of 10

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