Bullion - You Drive Me To Plastic

Originally released last November on an etched 12" but soon to be available on CD via Young Turks (The xx's label), Bullion's You Drive Me To Plastic is pretty much undefinable and, depending on your love for inventive sampling, that's either a good or a bad thing. Proceedings get off to a great start with the imaginative 'Wrong Door In(tro)' which sees footsteps running to different doors with various old Bullion tracks greeting them behind each door, before flowing into the psychedelic 'Slight Jog In The Sky' and then the funky, distorted jazz of 'Magic Was Ruler'. However from that strong start, the focus seems to switch to traversing as many different genres as possible within its brisk 20-minute running time and while this helps each track retain its own identity, it makes it an altogether less cohesive ride than its seamless segueways would suggest. It's never less than entertaining (the spoken word intro to 'My Castle In England' is particularly genius), but it rarely sets the pulse racing and as a result ends us as an interesting curio - nothing more, nothing less.



out of 10

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