Temposhark - Neon?

Minimalist electro and pop melodies, Temposhark have found a style to suit their slick and stylish presence.

The single Neon? (pronounced Neon Question Mark) in particular is an electro pop beast of a tune with a squelchy bass line, low key rhythms and a catchy melody telling a story about deciding to leave a relationship.

It has to be said however, that it is the snooty attitude in the instrumentation and more prominently in lead singer Rob Diament that gives Temposhark the edge. Being a little exclusive can go along way, especially in stylish electro circles.

The B-Sides on this single do not disappoint either. The two remixes of Crime are tunes to lose your self in, especially dancing in a nightclub to the wee hours. Lemonade (which has been picked up by Tann Rokka to be the music for an advert on KCTV.co.uk online style mag) is a soulful instrumental piece that soothes the soul and eases weary eyes with its soft sensitive ways, a lot like French duo Air on opium.

However, when all's said and done, Temposhark have so much class they sound expensive.



out of 10

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