Peterlicker - Nicht

Originally part of the Viennese electronic underground in the 80s, Peterlicker are finally releasing their debut full length Nicht a quarter of a century after their formation. Noted more for who they boast amongst their ranks (including one Peter Rehberg who now has a veritable back catalogue as well as running the Editions Mego label) instead of their musical output back in the day, this album comes with a high level of anticipation attached to it. In many ways it delivers exactly what is expected, the harsh power electronics drilling through the brain in what can only be described as a deleterious, if rather delicious, manner. The forty minutes on offer are carefully crafted and deeply layered, showing a deft hand in moulding what should be unlistenable nonsense into enjoyable music. Whilst Nicht might be one of the more accessible noise albums for some time with shorter, sharper pieces almost resembling songs, anyone of a delicate disposition in search of a nice melody or sweet voices are advised to steer well clear.



out of 10

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