Scoundrels - Sniff It Up

It's been a while since we introduced Scoundrels to you last July but their digital-only five-track EP Sniff It Up was worth the wait. Every track brims with a laidback bluesy swagger that is impossible not to tap your feet to, although the real surprise is that it's when the tempo is slowed that they unearth a real gem. 'Arrogance Blues' sets itself up to be a sorrowful lament but it shifts gears with a great turn of phrase - "Pardon me for being so cruel / But the general consensus is that I fucking rule" - that is perfectly befitting of its title. It showcases a completely different side to the band than the raucous likes of 'Just Can't See It Though', a side that is cemented when the EP closer 'Outta Town Blues' opens with handclaps and mournful violins instead of frantic guitars. It all adds up to an exciting preview of their self-titled debut (expected some time this year) whose only real crime is its brevity which leaves you desperate to hear more.



out of 10

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