CoachWhips - Bangers VS F*****s

Is there such a thing as the perfect album? A collection of songs that hang together so well they compliment each other perfectly? If so, Coachwhips Bangers VS Fuckers could well be it. Maybe its something to do with the brevity of the thing. It lasts for an epic eighteen minutes but packs more sheer fun into those minutes than some bands fit into an entire career.

Coachwhips sound manic, utterly irrepressible and with an underlying sense of fun that's tangible. Just look at the song titles - 'I Drank What?' and 'I Knew Her, She Knew Me' bring a smile to the face in the same way that, say the song titles of Mclusky do. The music is, however, completely different. Coachwhips have but one style. A wild, oscillating, two-tone guitar sound that starts off pretty intense and just gets more and more intense as the album continues. Just listen to the first 30 seconds of the album, if you don't like that, don't bother listening to any more. If, on the other hand, it grabs you, you probably won't need anymore persuading to listen to the whole thing.

If there's one criticism to be made, its directly related to the above point. Coachwhips don't exactly progress very much. They do, however, have an extremely distinct style and its fair to say that some people would find it 'samey'. Some, its true, might find the album a little short. The closest comparable band, really, are Gin Palace, but a bit more extreme and without Meaghan Wilkie's compelling vocals and star quality. What they lack in this area, though, they more than make up for with the sheer exuberance and crunch of their songs. A definite contender for an 'album of the year', and with a sound like this, you'd probably give your left arm to see them do the same thing live.



out of 10

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