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The record industry has, over the years, issued many unusual titles with little note to art or commerce. From Mike 'The Karatist Preacher' Crain's God's Power to Songs For Gay Dogs by the incomparable Paddy Roberts, the junk shops and bargain bins still creak beneath the weight of albums that should have been knocked on the head long before birth. Which brings us neatly to Sin-atra, a tribute album from the denizens of the rock and metal world to big Frank. Not necessarily a match made in heaven (or hell) you might think. And you'd be right. Rather than simply show off the undoubted vocal talents of those who spend their nights yelling for Satan, most of the tracks featured are metal reworkings of the scrotum-shrinking variety, none more so than the jaw-dropping opener 'New York, New York' from Strapping Young Lad's Devin Townsend. If there was a Razzies Award for rock music, Dev would be a certain shoe-in. Twisted Sister's Dee Snider actually makes a decent stab at 'It Was A Very Good Year' - if anyone ever decides to give Sinatra's life a rock musical overhaul like We Will Rock You that is - but just about everything else is a cringe fest of downtuned guitars, squealing solos and incongruous sampled brass. Glenn Hughes, Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, Joey Belladonna - no-one comes out smelling of roses on this one. Regrets? We know of quite a few.



out of 10

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