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As a 24 year old, I arrived at about the same time that Trevor Horn did, and as a result, the songs on this compilation have effectively been the soundtrack to my life. I can scarely imagine anyone of my generation not knowing traks like Poison Arrow by ABC, Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, or indeed, more recently All The Things She Said by TaTu. All of these sound the way they do due to the work of one man - Trevor Horn, although only a couple - both by Buggles - include his vocals.

This is an interesting idea for a compilation, and an unusual one. We're often treated to a loose 'theme' on which a compilatin is built. In this case, the theme is shiny pop production. However, one thing related to compilations remains true - not all of these tracks are well known greats. How many of you can sing the chorus to a recent Lisa Stansfield track, or "Loneliest Star" by Seal? So once again the universal truth of compilations holds - a mixture of great tracks that you shouldn't be without and those that are downright baffling inclusions. It would have made a fantastic single disc, simply by ridding ourselves of the less well known contributions and just letting the memories flow.

But what you're all wondering - this season, should you give the gift of Horn? Well maybe. If they're of the generation who has grown up with his music (IE in their mid to late twenties) then it's hard to imagine that not one of these tracks will evoke the spirit of school disco past...



out of 10

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