The Chalets / Maximo Park - Buffalo Bar

Now, The Chalets might have chosen a rather bland sort of a name for themselves, but this is one of those instances where it doesn't really matter a jot. For The Chalets have much more going for them and in every area that counts. For a start, they're expert songwriters; there's not a single song performed here tonight that doesn't drip quality from start to finish. They're a five piece and vocals are shared between the four members of the band who aren't the drummer. Two male and two female and they all sound fabulous. Wonderful harmonies ensue. Musically, they're primarily a rich and lush sort of a band, sort of hypnotising and beguiling and thoroughly engrossing to listen to but, underneath and occasionally bursting through the calm surface you'll find sharp, angular guitar riffs and chords that threaten, but never quite manage to pierce the overall sense of warm cohesion the band exude. The soundscapes they conjure are familiar but not derivative. Songs like 'Sexy Mistake' combine guitar pop with sort of fusion of seventies overblown prog and it just gets better and better - The Chalets are fabulous tonight and the sort of band you hope will be much, much bigger in 2005. You will find their website here.

And so Newcastle boys, Maximo Park have a tough act to follow, but being consummate professionals, manage to blow the cobwebs away that The Chalets so lovingly constructed. Fast, jagged and like a guided missile to that primordial part of the brain, Maximo Park are quite clearly in peak condition on this, the last night of their tour. There's something of the Franz Ferdinand about them, to be sure, but a little more rough around the edges, a little more down and dirty, a little bit more dangerous. Paul Smith on vocals is a blur and provides a focal point that the rest of the band builds around. If anyone knows what book he used as a prop during one number, let us know, please? It was a gimmicky thing to do, but it worked. Make no mistake, this is a hard bullet of a band. Songs like ‘Now I’m All Over The Shop’ and ‘The Night I Lost My Head’ speed by but at the same time resonate in the air like little sonic booms. This band won’t change your life, but there’s something going on here that’s interesting. They’ve image, interesting lyrics and, it has to be said, put on a phenomenal show tonight. A short set but an explosive one. You will find their website here

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