Maximo Park - The Coast Is Always Changing

Maximo Park are an art-pop five-piece from Newcastle and release ‘The Coast Is Always Changing’, their debut single on limited edition 7” Vinyl. Only 500 copies are available to buy. Interestingly, Maximo Park are the first 'Indie' band to sign to the Warp label.

Judging from the band’s video for ‘The Coast Is Changing’, the singer makes for quite an enigmatic front-man when singing, changing from an indifferent cool stare, to a menacing-like sneer. The band back his fervent vocals with some jangling infectious new-wave guitar riffs and rhythmic stop-start style drumming, changing tempo throughout, providing the strong backbone of the track. A hovering organ keyboard riff swoops in and out during parts but not too much to overpower the other instruments, rather, the singer’s voice is what drives the song. His strong accent is quite noticeable, but it’s not a weakness, it’s actually one of the tracks strengths, as the accented vocal inflections help to form the main hook as a result. When combined with the shifting guitars and lilting keyboard passages, it makes this track a very listenable gem.

The video looks like it’s been shot in super-8 format and mostly in black and white. All manner of colourful camera effect trickery appears throughout and is done sparingly to accentuate the band’s visual performance. ‘The Coast Is Always Changing’ has a certain timeless quality to it which means for £2 of your hard earned cash, you’re going to get considerable value from this single, as you’ll undoubtedly get a lot of plays from it.



out of 10

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