Clinic - Circle Of Fifths

This latest single from Domino Record darlings Clinic hits all the right spots. Circle Of Fifths itself is a towering, monstrous almost-ballad the likes of which someone like Keane could only dream of offering. It's edgy and dangerous and utterly compelling from start to finish. Jabbing piano melodies slide nicely over a thick and ponderous bass line and the whole thing contains enough angst and key changes to keep everybody blissfully happy.

It's backed by an instrumental track, The Scythe, which features a rolling, circular guitar riff drowned in reverb. It's a monster and it'll grow on you like a wart. The single comes to an end with Stardust, a blues edged, poignant song. Not a duff track on here and a lovely single. There's something almost prog-rock like about Clinic in the way they aren't afraid to throw whatever the song needs to make it work into the mix. With a name like Clinic, the temptation is enormous to end the review with a throwaway line along the likes of 'check yourselves in now' or something, but we won't. Just have a listen.



out of 10

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