The Bamboo Kids / The Divine Brown - Buffalo Bar

Oh Dear. Poor old The Divine Brown are laboring under the impression that simply by being able to throw a few chords together gives them some sort of divine right to form a band. The use of the word 'laboring' there is deliberate. Divine Brown make it look like such hard work - thrashing away and chugging along desperately trying to make their tedious old garage rock sound exciting. They fail in a big way. The whole thing falls rather flat and it's something of a relief when their set ends. Though they have one good song, 'Fuck Rock 'n' Roll' its too little and comes to late to make any real difference. A few more songs like that, spiky, arrogant and interesting, and they might yet be worth seeing again. Not at the moment, however. They have a little moan that no one will release their EP. It's probably because its rubbish.

Luckily, The Bamboo Kids are on hand to save the night. A skanky looking three-piece from New Yawk complete with that unmistakable bravado that all good bands manage to exude. There's something very Ramones-alike about The Bamboo Kids, which is a deceptively difficult style to appropriate properly, but somehow, they succeed. Their set is like being struck over the head. We shall forgive them their cheesy 'Teenage Kicks' cover, which at least managed to extract some dancing loons from the crowd, and instead give them much credit for managing to inject some excitement into their furiously fast and hinderingly good, hard little nuggets of songs. This is the sort of band that'll plug away for years and never appear on any 'cool' radars but are far more worthy than most that will. There's something genuine and honest about them, and no matter how many times you've heard their sort of songs before from others, they still manage to stamp their own personalities all over them. Intense, funny and, all in all, very good indeed.

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