Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry

Careful, if you google Brown Recluse, you're bound to get a shocking photo of the most terrifying spider you'll ever hope not to meet, and not the Pennsylvania band bringing you their own brand of bucolic psychedelic pop tunes in the form of Evening Tapestry, their first full-length album. While not the most imaginative or original piece of work, its lovely jingly-jangly tunes will wash over you like a soft spring breeze. Album opener, the oddly titled 'Hobble To Your Tomb', is not nearly as creepy as the title would suggest (a bit like MGMT mating with early Pink Floyd), while the retro-sounding 'Statue Garden' sounds like something the house band would have played at your parents' high school prom . The tone is rather one-dimensional and the songs a bit samey, but all in all a pretty decent first effort. Chapeau.



out of 10

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