Parts & Labor - Constant Future

The fifth full-length from Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor bares all the hallmarks of their previous efforts: vintage synth riffs, schizophrenic drums and the unique vocals of mastermind Dan Friel and BJ Warshaw. Last album Recievers was a stunning piece of melodic noise-pop and Constant Future takes that blueprint and hones it to an expert craft, then wraps it up in a crystal clear production courtesy of Dave Fridman (The Flaming Lips, MGMT). The tracks are shorter and more to the point as well, with the dark electro throb of the title track and the juddering keyboard throbs of ‘Echo Chamber’ never outstaying their welcome, not that the band ever did before. There is the odd song which sounds a little conventional though; ‘Rest’ lacking a little of the experimental excitement which the majority of their material exudes. But that’s just a minor bugbear on what is otherwise a joyful ride through the more melodic side of noise.



out of 10

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