TMF meets Seeräuber Jenny

With a coveted TMF Single of the Week award under their belts for their debut in 2010 and with impressive follow up 'Avalanche' just released, TMF has a chat with Fran Barker from alt-folk duo Seeräuber Jenny..

How did you get together?

Well I originally sent Neil a demo of a few songs and a sort of premise for this music project, it was a bit of a long shot I have to admit. But against all odds, he gave me a call and we started to collaborate on the writing and production of the songs, which seemed to work really well...despite the 300 mile distance. It really came down to the internet and the parcel post which I guess is a slightly unusual way of forming a band. Works for me though.

Where did your name come from?

It was inspired by song title from on old Kurt Weill opera, which is roughly about the forewarning of a pirate attack. It wasn't so much just about the song though, I just felt it had been used over the years in such a way as to give it a strong heritage as a reference. It also has an umlaut in which is cool, though annoying when you have to type it.

Who are your in influences?

I can't talk for Neil here but my personal influences include Sonic Youth and PJ Harvey I also like the more shambolic grunge bands and Shoegaze bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr. I think we both concur on liking Radiohead, but I guess that's a given.

How is 2011 shaping up for you so far?

It's great, it’s all very busy and optimistic which are sort of base ingredients for having a good time with this I suppose.

Have you any plans to hit the Festival circuit this year?

Definitely hoping to get as many festivals and gigs as possible under the old belt this summer

Who else would you like to share the bill with?

In an ideal world it'd be all the bands I have band crushes on at the minute i.e. Beach House or The Joy Formidable and stuff like that guessing the actual logistics of that may be far fetched though, shame.

If we were to look at your MP3 player, what is the most embarrassing track or album we’d find?

Wow, there are lots...just having a browse through now... ok I think it might be Aztec Camera or Tears for Fears 'Shout', I am pretty sure I'd be wary of putting these on in a hip environment of any sort but I unashamedly still love them anyway.

New single 'Avalanche' is out now.

Last updated: 18/04/2018 13:02:55

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