The Chapman Family - Burn Your Town

Things get off to a blistering start on Burn Your Town, The Chapman Family's debut effort, with 'A Certain Degree' proving to be the perfect low-key segueway into the aggressive rock double header of 'All Fall' and 'Anxiety'. At this point, things then take an unexpected turn with the focus moving away from White Lie-mimicking dark indie into a different beast altogether. It's probably too much to say that the band get experimental or proggy, but they definitely aim for the epic in a subtler form; take '1000 Lies' where Kingsley Chapman's vocals are muted and sinister while a rolling drumbeat powers proceedings, punctuated by extended guitar notes. Unfortunately this leads the band to walk a tightrope between epic and tiresome which they stagger along like a drunk with their finger on their nose. Too often, the build up never gets the climax it desires and tracks finish before you feel that they've had their full say, such as on 'She Didn't Know', which leads to proceedings becoming fairly dreary at times. So overall not a completely successful first attempt, although far from a complete disaster either with undoubted potential for the future.



out of 10

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